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  • Ritual and esoteric activity

  • Garden Terra di Luce

Welcome to Terra di Luce

We are a group of people engaged in a project aimed at changing the relationship between humans and the Earth through the consciousness gained in spiritual research.

2 Meditation halls: “Samanta Hall” for meeting and seminars, “Pleiadi Hall” (sanctuary), smaller and cosy

Creativity room: with tools to express personal creativity through painting, decoupage and ceramics (with kiln to fire ceramics)

Shakti room: for massages, Bach Flowers preparation and other holistic sessions

Garden Terra di Luce: meditation path realised in specific spaces

Holistic Center Terra di Luce

We want to spread a message of respect and love for every living being and for the whole planet in order to create a more complete and varied vision of a holistic lifestyle.
We are connected with the Findhorn Spiritual Community of Scotland, aligning with them and sharing the inspiring principle “work” as “Love in Action”. We propose meetings and seminars on awareness, personal transformation and experiences in contact with the environment in which we live.
Our vision is to bring awareness and pleasure to every moment of the day by blending joy, simplicity and love towards ourselves, others and nature; to live with integrity and a higher awareness of our body’s messages, and to exchange personal experience.

Holistic Stay

Those who pay attention to their own inner road and want to stay in Terra di Luce as a holistic stay, let us have the chance to experience the city life.
Your stay will be fully or partially on a work exchange basis during which you can expect to help with the maintenance of the community’s facilities, work in the garden doing maintenance and embellishment work, and other tasks which form the daily life of the community. In exchange you will benefit from:
• Individual encounters for energy therapies, holistic and tantric massages;
• To acquire Reiki, Tantra Reiki and Crystaltherapy teachings;
• To attend guided, static and dynamic meditations, both outside and in;
• Walks among the nature in order to discover uncontaminated places;
• To visit places of artistic-cultural interest, attend patronal festivals and historic commemorations.

Associazione Culturale Terra di Luce - Centro olistico | Via fuori le mura 10 - Corvaro di Borgorose (RI) - In collaborazione con Visione Olistica